Quasimodo: Dingodile (Crash Bandicoot)

Extra with Dingodile: Tiny Tiger (Crash Bandicoot; As Dingodile's childhood friend)

Esmeralda: Kairi (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Extras with Kairi: Namine, Xion, Aqua, and Olette (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Djali: Chirithy (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Phoebus: Sora (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Extras with Sora: Roxas, Riku, Terra, Ventus, and Lea (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Achilles the Horse: Epona (The Legend of Zelda)

Judge Claude Frollo: Myotismon (Digimon)

Extras with Myotismon: Hunter J (Pokemon) and Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts 3)

Clopin: Genie (Aladdin)

Hugo: Crash Bandicoot (As a statue)

Victor: Crunch and Sombra Bandicoot and Aku-Aku (Crash Bandicoot; As statues)

Laverne: Coco and Tawna Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot; As statues)

Quasimodo's mom: Maya (OC wolf character)


Chapter 1: Opening/The Tale of a Man and a Monster (Dingodile Version)

Chapter 2: Dingodile and Tiny's Dream/Berated by Myotismon, Hunter J, and Vanitas

Chapter 3: Sora's Group's New Job/The Feast of Fools

Chapter 4: Dingodile Tortured/Kairi's Group Evade Capture

Chapter 5: Inside Notre Dame/God Help the Outcasts (Dingodile Version)

Chapter 6: Befriending Kairi's Group/Dingodile and Tiny Help Kairi's Group Escape

Chapter 7: Heaven's Light/Hellfire (Dingodile Version)

Chapter 8: Myotismon, Hunter J, and Vanitas' Threatening Search Begins/Kairi's Group Saves Sora's Group

Chapter 9: A Guy Like You/Taking Care of Sora's Group

Chapter 10: Myotismon, Hunter J, and Vanitas Angrily Berate Dingodile and Tiny/Going to Warn Kairi's Group

Chapter 11: The Court of Miracles/Everyone Captured (Dingodile Version)

Chapter 12: Dingodile and Tiny Escape and Saves Kairi from Execution/The Battle for Justice

Chapter 13: Reviving Kairi/Final Battle

Chapter 14: Into the Sunlight/Ending (Dingodile Version)

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The Hybrid Mutant of Notre Dame Gallery

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